This is the website of GhostSquad57 - a YouTuber who's passionate about Linux and software coding. On my YouTube channel, I upload gameplay and commentary videos. I also livestream on both Twitch and YouTube.

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Game Servers

Kerbal Space Program

• IP Address:
• Port: 6702
• Software: DMP is used to host the server
• Mods: KIS and KAS
• Gamemode: Sandbox
• Difficulty: Normal
• WarpMode: Subspace
• Maxplayers: 10

Don't Starve Together

• IP Address:
• Port: 10998
• Mods: None
• Gamemode: Endless - Cooperative
• Maxplayers: 10
• Special Thanks: Thanks to Redakted for helping setup Caves!

Project Zomboid

• IP Address:
• Port: 16261
• Software: SteamVAC secure; people with the GOG version cannot connect
• Mods: ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod, OGRM Silencers, Hydrocraft, More Zombie Loot, Faster Reading++, Pump Power, Coordinate Display, Chainsaw
• Gamemode: PvE and PVP
• SpawnItems: Disinfectant, Bandage, Pills, Hunting Knife, 3x Bullets 9mm, Pistol, Hiking Bag, and a Watermelon.
• Maps: Bedford Falls, South Muldraugh, Phoenix,
• Maxplayers: 24
• Ping Limit: people with ping over 350 will be kicked
• Safehouses: safehouses are enabled. You must live for at least one day before you can claim a safehouse
• Sandbox Vars: XP is multiplied by 2. Loot respawns and there's higher chances of good loot

Ballistic Overkill

• IP Address:
• Port: 27015
• Default Gamemode: Team Deathmatch
• Default Map: Sunnsquare Mall
• Maxplayers: 16
• Max Spectators: 4
• Match Time: 15 minutes
• Max Ping: Disabled


• IP Address:
• Port: 28501
• Software: nQuakesv
• Mods: KTX and QWFWD
• Gamemode: Free-For-All (FFA)
• Maps: dm4, dm6 and hate
• Maxplayers: 8


• IP Address:
• Port: 27910
• Software: q2pro
• Mods: None
• Gamemode: Free-For-All (FFA)
• Maps: q2dm1 through q2dm8
• Maxplayers: 8


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